About 50% of new moms stop nursing after 6 months. How might we design a more consumer-friendly approach to breastfeeding services to improve long-term success rates? Milkalicious was launched in 2008 as a new healthcare model that provided breastfeeding services and education, workplace outreach, and retail products in a consumer-friendly store setting.


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Creative Direction across marketing, websites, and consumer product lines

Milkalicious Brand

Milkalious Basics - Nursing Apparel Line

Results: Positioning Milkalicious as "A Breastfeeding Lifetsyle," the engagement touchpoints extended across the location, community events and classes, consumer products, and a published book.

M2 Appareal Brand Identity Design (GDUSA, 2013); Milkalicious Supplement Packaging (GDUSA, 2011)
Milkalicious Brand Identity Design (GDUSA, 2009)

Milkalicious Supplements

Milkalicious M2 Nursing Apparel Brand