Renée Windman


About 50% of moms stop nursing after 6 months. How might we design a more consumer-friendly approach to breastfeeding services to improve long-term success rates? Milkalicious launched as a new healthcare model that provided breastfeeding services and education, workplace outreach, and retail products in a family-friendly store setting.

Role: Design Manager, Brand Marketing

Led the brand development and marketing for mom / baby-care lifestyle company with growth across a healthcare practice and consumer product lines, including apparel and supplement brand lines. Photo shoot art direction for maternity / nursing clothing brands.

Recruited by the president of Milkalicious, I managed the creative branding from the inception and growth of the company for 4 years. Positioning Milkalicious as a Breastfeeding Lifestyle brand, the company's reach expanded from a retail storefront to consumer product lines and marketing across publications, TV, and online.